About the Roseville Fire Museum

400 Lincoln Street is the first official Fire Station for the City of Roseville. It was built in the 1920’s and housed the cities first motorized fire engine. The City of Roseville was built as a railroad hub. Originally the fire protection was provided by the railroad in the form of one hand cart with 150′ of 2 1/2″ hose. The city then purchased 2 hand carts placing one one each side of the railroad tracks. After multiple fires, including a massive fire that destroyed almost all of the downtown corridor, the city purchased it’s first motorized fire engine. Prior to the purchase of the motorized fire engine, the fires where almost impossible to extinguish the 2nd stories and above, due to the lack of water pressure in the local system. They hoped the ability of the engine to create it’s own pressure would aid the fire knock down potential. Originally the engine was kept at the City garage. Later in the 1920’s the Fire Station was built. There was no original paperwork or information recorded with the county accessors office on the Fire Station construction. However, we do have an original plot map of the City of Roseville from 1925 that shows the Fire Station. Originally the station was staffed by volunteers, which later transitioned to a paid staff. The stations’ size was added onto in the 1950’s by firefighters. Originally the station was only a apparatus bay/ garage. The firefighters added on a bunk room, bathroom and office. The station was fully functional until the 1970’s, when it was removed from service. The city then leased the station out for private use over the years after it’s closure. We unofficially, through word of mouth agreement, received the museum in 2005. We have been working with the city since then to officially obtain rights to the Fire Station. In 2019 we obtained a Lease agreement that allows us to make structural and esthetic improvements with the intent to own the property.

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